Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Steps in an Effecting Decision Making

Steps in an Effecting Decision Making

1. Identify the organization Problems
2. Alternative Solution
3. Choice of the alternative
4. Implementing and monitoring

1.Identify the Organization Problem.

First identify the organization problem, if the problem is identify then decision can be take and you can take next step .problem can be identify on the base of experiences and on the knowledge.

2. Alternative solution

If problem is identified then manager can be take the alternative solution, because the alternative is come when problem is highlight and with the managers skills.

3. The Choice of an Alternative

In this step manager chose the most suitable alternative which one is the best at the time or place there problem is happen. It is the very sensitive place if mangers take the wrong choice then decision will be wrong.

4. Implementing and Monitoring

That a time to past the decision on the organization to follow. After implementing, the decision managers will be proper monitoring the decision. Because it not to finish.

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