Sunday, 25 November 2012

What is Strategic Management?

Strategic Management

             Strategic management is what mangers do to develop the organization strategies its important task involving all the basic management functions planning, organizing leading and controlling.

What is strategies?


The plan for how the organization will do what It’s in business to do ,how it will compete successfully .and how it will attract the and satisfy its customers in order to achieve its goals.

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Decision Making Situation

Decision Making Situation


3. Risk

1. Certainty

Those decisions are making in normal situation. Organization in certain level and they have a normal work and decision. These decisions are mostly making at ended year to make plan setting goals and making strategies.

2. Uncertainty

In this situation Organization take decision in emergence. That is a so sensitive situation to make decision .External and internal problem when Created its uncertainty .to get hold on problems and for solution ,the decision is making it’s in certainty situation.

3. Risk

in the situation of any kind of risk, which can give the loss to organization in future or present.  Organization takes decision to decrease the risk level, its situation of risk 

Steps in an Effecting Decision Making

Steps in an Effecting Decision Making

1. Identify the organization Problems
2. Alternative Solution
3. Choice of the alternative
4. Implementing and monitoring

1.Identify the Organization Problem.

First identify the organization problem, if the problem is identify then decision can be take and you can take next step .problem can be identify on the base of experiences and on the knowledge.

2. Alternative solution

If problem is identified then manager can be take the alternative solution, because the alternative is come when problem is highlight and with the managers skills.

3. The Choice of an Alternative

In this step manager chose the most suitable alternative which one is the best at the time or place there problem is happen. It is the very sensitive place if mangers take the wrong choice then decision will be wrong.

4. Implementing and Monitoring

That a time to past the decision on the organization to follow. After implementing, the decision managers will be proper monitoring the decision. Because it not to finish.

Decision-making and Decision Taking

Decision making Process

1. Descriptive Decision-making
2. Normative Decision-making

1. Descriptive Decision-making:

This process is the model of Decision-making and include in kinds of decision. Descriptive Decision is well describe on it’s have a huge data information and knowledge on the base of little Para of written kind decision.

2. Normative Decision Making:

Its base on norms and norms has some truth and some lie .because some norms are on the base of culture and every country has differing culture. Some norms are being same in some countries and some are not, so these decisions are made, on the base of norms and believe.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Managerial Skills

Managerial Skills:

Management is so difficult and challenging job. Its need many skills to solve the problem and for take decision to decries the level of risk the skills is required it is managerial skills.
1. Conceptual skills
2.Human Relation Skills (HR) &,
3. Technical Skills
these three skills are most important than other those needed but those have a necessary in managerial work.
Managerial Skills.

In the above diagram shows the managerial work skills those are need the by quantity of each level of management .the top level managers should have more conceptual skills and  HR ,its technical but less than other managers. Middle level managers need conceptual but less then top level and HR is equal then the top level and technical skills requirement is more than top level, and last one is lower level managers those are need some conceptual and  many HR and  huge quantity of technical skills

 1.   Conceptual skills

Conceptual skills are most important skills in top level .its ability to see the organization towards. Its have so many little skills those are need in this Analysis of problem. Creating opportunity and also initiative skills .it’s help to analysis the problem and taking decision on the base of analysis .it will use when managers are setting the goals and making strategy and in planning and organizing.

2. Human Relation skills

HR skills is an ability to work with peoples .Its helps to better understand the peoples and workers and other related peoples . It’s helpful to motivate and develop team spirit .HR skills are needed and necessary for all level of managers. If managers have a HR skills so he/she can be exposed everything with the strong communication.

3. Technical Skills

A technical skills are to be required mostly lower level of management. Technical skills help in the using machines and tools. Its helps to the managers to define better introduce the machine and technical tools in the organizations to get the produce well.   

4. Communication skills

Communication skills are necessary for all levels of managers. Managers must be having great communicator to communicate with the peoples and define better the solution and strategies and goals.

5. Administrative Skills

Administrative Skills are mostly necessary for the Top-level management .The top-level should know how to make policies and plans, and make strategies. They should know how to done work by the organization. They also are able to co-ordinate with the organization in the different events and activities in the organization.  

6. Leadership Skills

Leadership Skill us the ability to influence and impress the human behavior .A manager needed the leadership skill to motivate and lead the workers in the rights way and tell them the how to defend the problems and tasks.

7. Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving skills are being based on experience and it’s also base on knowledge to solve the problem and make solution on the right time right place. It’s have a touch with the decision making skills to if u have a problem solving skill and don’t have a decision making skill so it is useless because when you can’t take decision and what the benefit of solving the problem.

8. Decision Making Skills

Decision making skills is needed at all level of management. But it is require mostly on top level management to take decision and making strategies, setting goals and making plans .the failure
And success is based on the correctness of the decision.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Management Process

 Social process 

Human factors are most important among the other kind or factors, that's way management in relate with tha development of human resource and relation with the peoples .the work of management is interaction within peoples organization, labours,customers  and witch peoples those are connected with organisation product or any kind or relation to achieve the productivity and organizational goals or targets .

Integrating process 

Its process which make mind same to get the organization goals , those peoples who are work together management playing great  role in the organization to make unity and discipline in the organization.

Continuous process 

Management can’t be end. It is directly concerned with the indenting problems and also solving at the right time and right palace it is continuously process

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

What is Effectiveness?

To get the output in availbal resourses is called effectiveness.In this case your output is not in that point you can save money and time.But you can try for the efficiency . effectiveness is first step of  efficiensy.

What is Efficiency ?

Minimum input and geting maximun outpt is called Efficiency .when you are use your maximum resources and you are geting maximum outputs on it. It is  efficiency. 

What is Management ?

What is management ? Management is like an investment : its goal is to get the most out of resources, add the most value or get the best return.Management can be defined as: achieving goals in a way that makes the best use of all resources.